AWS re:Invent season is upon us again! Just a few days to go until re:Invent takes place for the 11th year in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning team at AWS has been working hard to offer amazing content, an outstanding AWS DeepRacer experience, and much more. In this post, we give you a sense of how the AI/ML track is organized and highlight a few sessions we think you’ll like.
The technical sessions in the AI/ML track are divided into four areas. First, there are many common use cases that you can address with a combination of AI/ML and other AWS services, such as Intelligent Document Processing, Contact Center Intelligence, and Personalization among others. Second, ML practitioners of all levels will find compelling content on the entire ML lifecycle, such as data preparation, training, inference, MLOps, AutoML, and no-code ML. This year, we have a renewed

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