In our daily conversations, we come across new words or terms that we may not know. Perhaps these are related to a new domain that we’re just getting familiar with, and we pick these up as we understand more about the domain. For example, home loan terminology (“curtailment”), shortened words, (“refi”, “comps”), and acronyms (“HELOC”) are likely new to first-time home buyers. Similarly, brand names can be tricky when you first hear of them. For example, with the sentence “I’d like to get a Cyetus 7601”, unless you’re a coffee aficionado, you may not realize the speaker is talking about a coffee machine brand. Some of these words may not be even present in the dictionary. Once we understand their usage, meaning, and spelling, they become part of our vocabulary so we can have effective conversations.
Similarly, bots have to understand and add such words to their vocabulary. Starting today,

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