On August 9, 2022, we announced the general availability of cross-account sharing of Amazon SageMaker Pipelines entities. You can now use cross-account support for Amazon SageMaker Pipelines to share pipeline entities across AWS accounts and access shared pipelines directly through Amazon SageMaker API calls.
Customers are increasingly adopting multi-account architectures for deploying and managing machine learning (ML) workflows with SageMaker Pipelines. This involves building workflows in development or experimentation (dev) accounts, deploying and testing them in a testing or pre-production (test) account, and finally promoting them to production (prod) accounts to integrate with other business processes. You can benefit from cross-account sharing of SageMaker pipelines in the following use cases:

When data scientists build ML workflows in a dev account, those workflows are then deployed by an ML engineer as a SageMaker pipeline into a dedicated test account. To further monitor those workflows, data scientists now require cross-account

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