In November 2022, we announced that AWS customers can generate images from text with Stable Diffusion models in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart. Today, we announce a new feature that lets you upscale images (resize images without losing quality) with Stable Diffusion models in JumpStart. An image that is low resolution, blurry, and pixelated can be converted into a high-resolution image that appears smoother, clearer, and more detailed. This process, called upscaling, can be applied to both real images and images generated by text-to-image Stable Diffusion models. This can be used to enhance image quality in various industries such as ecommerce and real estate, as well as for artists and photographers. Additionally, upscaling can improve the visual quality of low-resolution images when displayed on high-resolution screens.
Stable Diffusion uses an AI algorithm to upscale images, eliminating the need for manual work that may require manually filling gaps in an image. It has

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