Artificial Intelligence has gone from the pages of science fiction to “all around you” like Dolby Surround Sound rather menacingly informs you at the start of every movie. Conversations that might have sounded ridiculous even five or ten years ago are commonplace now. The days of associating AI with humanoid Asimov-type robots are over: from healthcare to shopping to finance, AI is everywhere.Conversational AI has quietly changed the game for customer service and what companies can achieve with digital interfaces. Chatbots are ubiquitous — in banking, online shopping, food delivery — but we don’t necessarily register their presence. The idea, after all, with these intelligent robotic helpers, is that they should make the experience as natural as possible. With advancements in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and advanced Text-to-Speech, we should be able to achieve conversation so natural, so smooth, that we don’t miss human customer service agents.It is an exciting time for AI in

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