This post is authored by Satish Jha, Intelligent Automation Manager, Matt Docherty, Data Science Manager, Jayesh Muley, Associate Consultant and Tapan Vora, Rapid Prototyping, from ZS Associates.
At ZS Associates, we do a significant amount of qualitative market research. The work involves interviewing relevant subjects (such as healthcare professionals and sales representatives) and developing bespoke analytics on the interview data. We’ve taken advantage of the advances in AI, machine learning (ML), and cloud computing to reimagine qualitative market research and developed a scalable solution that is equipped to perform speech-to-text conversion and natural language processing (NLP) on the audio recordings of interviewed subjects. The solution is better, cheaper, and faster than the current ways of working (manual interpretation), giving a competitive advantage in this space.
This post discusses how ZS used Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Comprehend Medical, and custom NLP for text summarization and graph visualization to create a scalable, automated

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