Airline Chatbot by PopcornAppsEvery business can benefit from improving customer experience and increasing employee productivity, but for industries affected by volatile external factors, this is especially essential. The airline industry faces unavoidable risk from the weather, fluctuating fuel costs, and geo-political events, among other external variables. But while these factors remain to a large extent outside their control, airlines often experience higher levels of customer dissatisfaction and decreased worker satisfaction and productivity as a result.Customers, too, have changed. They’re fickle and swap providers without hesitation. There are several behavioral factors impacting airline customer loyalty today:Frequent-flier programs have become more complex and spend-based. They lack differentiation, putting the loyalty of even the most frequent of frequent fliers at risk.We live in an era in which mobile app engagement has become increasingly difficult. Users have become extremely selective about the apps they choose to download and keep on their phones.The rise of messaging platforms and their

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