Amazon SageMaker provides a suite of built-in algorithms, pre-trained models, and pre-built solution templates to help data scientists and machine learning (ML) practitioners get started training and deploying ML models quickly. You can use these algorithms and models for both supervised and unsupervised learning. They can process various types of input data, including tabular, image, and text.
This post is the third in a series on the new built-in algorithms in SageMaker. In the first post, we showed how SageMaker provides a built-in algorithm for image classification. In the second post, we showed how SageMaker provides a built-in algorithm for object detection. Today, we announce that SageMaker provides a new built-in algorithm for text classification using TensorFlow. This supervised learning algorithm supports transfer learning for many pre-trained models available in TensorFlow hub. It takes a piece of text as input and outputs the probability for each of the class labels.

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