Data scientists often work towards understanding the effects of various data preprocessing and feature engineering strategies in combination with different model architectures and hyperparameters. Doing so requires you to cover large parameter spaces iteratively, and it can be overwhelming to keep track of previously run configurations and results while keeping experiments reproducible.
This post walks you through an example of how to track your experiments across code, data, artifacts, and metrics by using Amazon SageMaker Experiments in conjunction with Data Version Control (DVC). We show how you can use DVC side by side with Amazon SageMaker processing and training jobs. We train different CatBoost models on the California housing dataset from the StatLib repository, and change holdout strategies while keeping track of the data version with DVC. In each individual experiment, we track input and output artifacts, code, and metrics using SageMaker Experiments.
SageMaker Experiments
SageMaker Experiments is an AWS

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