Technology cannot bend human values in one direction or another. The internet merely provides tools for humans to realise their values, for good or illRemember Malcolm Turnbull’s dog blog? Back in 2008 or so, that, his iPad, and his use of Twitter were proffered as signs that an admittedly ambitious man was nevertheless savvy, forward-looking and possessed of a human touch. His use of various platforms offered channels of direct communication that weren’t overseen by media gatekeepers. Back then, “Web 2.0” signified an opportunity for politicians like him, operating in a familiar, careerist mode. Or remember the first Obama campaign? Back in 2008, it was received not only as an astute political use of new media technologies, but as the apotheosis of the internet itself as a liberalising force. Obama’s masterful leveraging of Web 2.0 platforms marks a major E-ruption in electoral politics – in America and elsewhere – as

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