In this post, we show you how to implement one of the most downloaded Hugging Face pre-trained models used for text summarization, DistilBART-CNN-12-6, within a Jupyter notebook using Amazon SageMaker and the SageMaker Hugging Face Inference Toolkit. Based on the steps shown in this post, you can try summarizing text from the WikiText-2 dataset managed by, available at the Registry of Open Data on AWS.
Global data volumes are growing at zettabyte scale as companies and consumers expand their use of digital products and online services. To better understand this growing data, machine learning (ML) natural language processing (NLP) techniques for text analysis have evolved to address use cases involving text summarization, entity recognition, classification, translation, and more. AWS offers pre-trained AWS AI services that can be integrated into applications using API calls and require no ML experience. For example, Amazon Comprehend can perform NLP tasks such as custom

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