Relentless advancement in technology is improving the decision-making capacity of humans and enterprises alike. Digitization of the physical world has accelerated the three dimensions of data: velocity, variety, and volume. This has made information more widely available than before, allowing for advancements in problem-solving. Now, with cloud-enabled democratized availability, technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are able to increase the speed and accuracy of decision-making by humans and machines.
Nowhere is this speed and accuracy of decisions more important than in the public sector, where organizations across defense, healthcare, aerospace, and sustainability are solving challenges that impact citizens around the world. Many public sector customers see the benefits of using AI/ML to address these challenges, but can be overwhelmed with the range of solutions. AWS launched AWS Accelerators to find and develop startups with technologies that meet public sector customers’ unique challenges. Read on to learn more

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