Generative AI technology is improving rapidly, and it’s now possible to generate text and images based on text input. Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image model that empowers you to create photorealistic applications. You can easily generate images from text using Stable Diffusion models through Amazon SageMaker JumpStart.
The following are examples of input texts and the corresponding output images generated by Stable Diffusion. The inputs are “A boxer dancing on a table,” “A lady on the beach in swimming wear, water color style,” and “A dog in a suit.”

Although generative AI solutions are powerful and useful, they can also be vulnerable to manipulation and abuse. Customers using them for image generation must prioritize content moderation to protect their users, platform, and brand by implementing strong moderation practices to create a safe and positive user experience while safeguarding their platform and brand reputation.
In this post, we explore using

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