Today, we are launching Amazon SageMaker inference on AWS Graviton to enable you to take advantage of the price, performance, and efficiency benefits that come from Graviton chips.
Graviton-based instances are available for model inference in SageMaker. This post helps you migrate and deploy a machine learning (ML) inference workload from x86 to Graviton-based instances in SageMaker. We provide a step-by-step guide to deploy your SageMaker trained model to Graviton-based instances, cover best practices when working with Graviton, discuss the price-performance benefits, and demo how to deploy a TensorFlow model on a SageMaker Graviton instance.
Brief overview of Graviton
AWS Graviton is a family of processors designed by AWS that provide the best price-performance and are more energy efficient than their x86 counterparts. AWS Graviton 3 processors are the latest in the Graviton processor family and are optimized for ML workloads, including support for bfloat16, and twice the Single Instruction

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