This post was co-written by Marius Cealera, Senior Partner Solutions Architect at AWS, Zdenko Estok, Cloud Architect at Accenture and Sakar Selimcan, Cloud Architect at Accenture.
Machine learning (ML) is a high-stakes business priority, with companies spending $306 billion on ML applications in the past 3 years. According to Accenture, companies that scale ML across a business can achieve nearly triple the return on their investments. But too many companies aren’t achieving the value they expected. Scaling ML effectively for the long term requires the professionalization of the industry and the democratization of ML literacy across the enterprise. This requires more accessible ML training, speaking to a larger number of people with diverse backgrounds.
This post shows how companies can introduce hundreds of employees to ML concepts by easily running AWS DeepRacer events at scale.
Run AWS DeepRacer events at scale
AWS DeepRacer is a simple and fun way to

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