In this post, we combine the powers of NVIDIA RAPIDS and Amazon SageMaker to accelerate hyperparameter optimization (HPO). HPO runs many training jobs on your dataset using different settings to find the best-performing model configuration.
HPO helps data scientists reach top performance, and is applied when models go into production, or to periodically refresh deployed models as new data arrives. However, HPO can feel out of reach on non-accelerated platforms as dataset sizes continue to grow.
With RAPIDS and SageMaker working together, workloads like HPO are GPU scaled up (multi-GPU) within a node and cloud scaled out over parallel instances. With this collaboration of technologies, machine learning (ML) jobs like HPO complete in hours instead of days, while also reducing costs.

The Amazon Packaging Experience Team (CPEX) recently found similar speedups using our HPO demo framework on their gradient boosted models for selecting minimal packaging materials based on product

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