Digital is the new normal, and there’s no going back. Every year, consumers visit, on average, 191 websites or services requiring a user name and password, and the digital footprint is expected to grow exponentially. So much exposure naturally brings added risks like account takeover (ATO).
Each year, bad actors compromise billions of accounts through stolen credentials, phishing, social engineering, and multiple forms of ATO. To put it into perspective: account takeover fraud increased by 90% to an estimated $11.4 billion in 2021 compared with 2020. Beyond the financial impact, ATOs damage the customer experience, threaten brand loyalty and reputation, and strain fraud teams as they manage chargebacks and customer claims.
Many companies, even those with sophisticated fraud teams, use rules-based solutions to detect compromised accounts because they’re simple to create. To bolster their defenses and reduce friction for legitimate users, businesses are increasingly investing in AI and machine learning

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