This post is co-written with Thatcher Thornberry from bpx energy. 
Facies classification is the process of segmenting lithologic formations from geologic data at the wellbore location. During drilling, wireline logs are obtained, which have depth-dependent geologic information. Geologists are deployed to analyze this log data and determine depth ranges for potential facies of interest from the different types of log data. Accurately classifying these regions is critical for the drilling processes that follow.
Facies classification using AI and machine learning (ML) has become an increasingly popular area of investigation for many oil majors. Many data scientists and business analysts at large oil companies don’t have the necessary skillset to run advanced ML experiments on important tasks such as facies classification. To address this, we show you how to easily prepare and train a best-in-class ML classification model on this problem.
In this post, aimed primarily at those who are already

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