I wanted to give some insight into what we are working on, how nib is working towards the 5 levels of Digital Assistants. Originally coined by Rasa and a great way businesses can align their roadmaps to true conversational AI.In 2 years, we have deployed Digital Assistants in the following places: Webchat, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and most recently Telephony. It is still early days as these chatbots only handle simple question and answer pairs. Although, Google Duplex showed the world what the next level of Digital Assistants can do for us every day. Transforming to opensource conversational software allows our Digital Assistants to handle contextual conversations.At nib, this is the future of Digital Assistants at each level:Through this article, I will prove examples relevant to Australian Healthcare. So how do Digital Assistants help when it comes to Healthcare?Level 1: Notification AssistantsThis level of assistance is as simple as receiving an

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