This is a guest post by Viktor Enrico Jeney, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Adspert.
Adspert is a Berlin-based ISV that developed a bid management tool designed to automatically optimize performance marketing and advertising campaigns. The company’s core principle is to automate maximization of profit of ecommerce advertising with the help of artificial intelligence. The continuous development of advertising platforms paves the way for new opportunities, which Adspert expertly utilizes for their customers’ success.
Adspert’s primary goal is to simplify the process for users while optimizing ad campaigns across different platforms. This includes the use of information gathered across the various platforms balanced against the optimum budget set on a level above each platform. Adspert’s focus is to optimize a customer’s goal attainment, regardless of what platform is used. Adspert continues to add platforms as necessary to give our customers significant advantages.
In this post, we share how Adspert created

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