Foundation models are large deep learning models trained on a vast quantity of data at scale. They can be further fine-tuned to perform a variety of downstream tasks and form the core backbone of enabling several AI applications. The most prominent category is large-language models (LLM), including auto-regressive models such as GPT variants trained to complete natural text. LLMs typically contain billions of parameters, making them rarely fit on one single accelerator, and require model parallelism techniques. Another category is diffusion models, notably Stable Diffusion, that has pushed AI image generation to an unprecedented milestone where remarkable visuals can be generated from a simple text description. Diffusion models are typically much smaller than LLMs and distributed training remains to play a critical role in facilitating development.
SageMaker model parallel (SMP) library is a large-model training solution available on Amazon SageMaker platform. It can be integrated with PyTorch models to easily apply a range

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