Earth’s changing climate poses an increased risk of drought due to global warming. Since 1880, the global temperature has increased 1.01 °C. Since 1993, sea levels have risen 102.5 millimeters. Since 2002, the land ice sheets in Antarctica have been losing mass at a rate of 151.0 billion metric tons per year. In 2022, the Earth’s atmosphere contains more than 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide, which is 50% more than it had in 1750. While these numbers might seem removed from our daily lives, the Earth has been warming at an unprecedented rate over the past 10,000 years [1].
In this post, we use the new geospatial capabilities in Amazon SageMaker to monitor drought caused by climate change in Lake Mead. Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the US. It supplies water to 25 million people in the states of Nevada, Arizona, and California [2]. Research shows

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