Globally, there has been an accelerated shift toward frictionless digital user experiences. Whether it’s registering at a website, transacting online, or simply logging in to your bank account, organizations are actively trying to reduce the friction their customers experience while at the same time enhance their security, compliance, and fraud prevention measures. The shift toward frictionless user experiences has given rise to face-based biometric identity verification solutions aimed at answering the question “How do you verify a person in the digital world?”
There are two key advantages of facial biometrics when it comes to questions of identification and authentication. First, it’s a convenient technology for users: there is no need to remember a password, deal with multi-factor challenges, click verification links, or solve CAPTCHA puzzles. Secondly, a high level of security is achieved: identification and authentication on the basis of facial-biometrics is secure and less susceptible to fraud and attacks.

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