Over the last few years, online education platforms have seen an increase in adoption of and an uptick in demand for video-based learnings because it offers an effective medium to engage learners. To expand to international markets and address a culturally and linguistically diverse population, businesses are also looking at diversifying their learning offerings by localizing content into multiple languages. These businesses are looking for reliable and cost-effective ways to solve their localization use cases.
Localizing content mainly includes translating original voices into new languages and adding visual aids such as subtitles. Traditionally, this process is cost-prohibitive, manual, and takes a lot of time, including working with localization specialists. With the power of AWS machine learning (ML) services such as Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, and Amazon Polly, you can create a viable and a cost-effective localization solution. You can use Amazon Transcribe to create a transcript of your existing audio

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