Today, we’re excited to announce self-service quota management support for Amazon Textract via the AWS Service Quotas console, and higher default service quotas in select AWS Regions.
Customers tell us they need quick turnaround times to process their requests for quota increases and visibility into their service quotas so they may continue to scale their Amazon Textract usage. With this launch, we’re improving Amazon Textract support for service quotas by enabling you to self-manage your service quotas via the Service Quotas console. In addition to viewing the default service quotas, you can now view your account’s applied custom quotas for a specific Region, view your historical utilization metrics per applied quota, set up alarms to notify when utilization approaches a threshold, and add tags to your quotas for easier organization. Additionally, we’re launching the Amazon Textract Service Quota Calculator, which will help you quickly estimate service quota requirements for your

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