Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are some of the most transformative technologies we will encounter in our generation—to tackle business and societal problems, improve customer experiences, and spur innovation. Along with the widespread use and growing scale of AI comes the recognition that we must all build responsibly. At AWS, we think responsible AI encompasses a number of core dimensions including:

Fairness and bias– How a system impacts different subpopulations of users (e.g., by gender, ethnicity)
Explainability– Mechanisms to understand and evaluate the outputs of an AI system
Privacy and Security– Data protected from theft and exposure
Robustness– Mechanisms to ensure an AI system operates reliably
Governance– Processes to define, implement and enforce responsible AI practices within an organization
Transparency– Communicating information about an AI system so stakeholders can make informed choices about their use of the system

Our commitment to

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