We are excited to announce that Amazon Personalize now supports incremental bulk dataset imports; a new option for updating your data and improving the quality of your recommendations. Keeping your datasets current is an important part of maintaining the relevance of your recommendations. Prior to this new feature launch, Amazon Personalize offered two mechanisms for ingesting data:

DatasetImportJob – DatasetImportJob is a bulk data ingestion mechanism designed to import large datasets into Amazon Personalize. A typical journey starts with importing your historical interactions dataset in addition to your item catalog and user dataset. DatasetImportJob can then be used to keep your datasets current by sending updated records in bulk. Prior to this launch, data ingested via previous import jobs was overwritten by any subsequent DatasetImportJob.
Streaming APIs: The streaming APIs (PutEvents, PutUsers, and PutItems) are designed to incrementally update each respective dataset in real-time. For example, after

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