In previous blog post, we described an end-to-end identity verification solution in a single AWS Region. The solution uses the Amazon Rekognition APIs DetectFaces for face detection and CompareFaces for face comparison. We think of those APIs as stateless APIs because they don’t depend on an Amazon Rekognition face collection. They’re also idempotent, meaning repeated calls with the same parameters will return the same result. They provide flexible options on passing images, either through an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) location or raw bytes.
In this post, we focus on Amazon Rekognition Image stateless APIs, and discuss two options of passing images and when to choose one over the other from a system architecture point of view. Then we discuss how to scale the stateless APIs to overcome some Regional limitations. When talking about scalability, we often refer to the maximum transactions per second (TPS) the solution can handle.

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