This post is co-written with Chaim Rand from Mobileye.
Certain machine learning (ML) workloads, such as training computer vision models or reinforcement learning, often involve combining the GPU- or accelerator-intensive task of neural network model training with the CPU-intensive task of data preprocessing, like image augmentation. When both types of tasks run on the same instance type, the data preprocessing gets bottlenecked on CPU, leading to lower GPU utilization. This issue becomes worse with time as the throughput of newer generations of GPUs grows at a steeper pace than that of CPUs.
To address this issue, in July 2022, we launched heterogeneous clusters for Amazon SageMaker model training, which enables you to launch training jobs that use different instance types in a single job. This allows offloading parts of the data preprocessing pipeline to compute-optimized instance types, whereas the deep neural network (DNN) task continues to run on GPU or

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