Recent large language models (LLMs) have enabled tremendous progress in natural language understanding. However, they are prone to generating confident but nonsensical explanations, which poses a significant obstacle to establishing trust with users. In this post, we show how to incorporate human feedback on the incorrect reasoning chains for multi-hop reasoning to improve performance on these tasks. Instead of collecting the reasoning chains from scratch by asking humans, we instead learn from rich human feedback on model-generated reasoning chains using the prompting abilities of the LLMs. We collect two such datasets of human feedback in the form of (correction, explanation, error type) for StrategyQA and Sports Understanding datasets, and evaluate several common algorithms to learn from such feedback. Our proposed methods perform competitively to chain-of-thought prompting using the base Flan-T5, and ours is better at judging the correctness of its own answer.
Solution overview
With the onset of large language

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