In the last decade, computer vision use cases have been a growing trend, especially in industries like insurance, automotive, ecommerce, energy, retail, manufacturing, and others. Customers are building computer vision machine learning (ML) models to bring operational efficiencies and automation to their processes. Such models help automate the classification of images or detection of objects of interest in images that are specific and unique to your business.
To simplify the ML model building process, we introduced Amazon SageMaker JumpStart in December 2020. JumpStart helps you quickly and easily get started with ML. It provides one-click deployment and fine-tuning of a wide variety of pre-trained models, as well as a selection of end-to-end solutions. This removes the heavy lifting from each step of the ML process, making it easier to develop high-quality models and reducing time to deployment. However, it requires you to have some prior knowledge to help in model

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