This post is co-authored by Jiahang Zhong, Head of Data Science at Zopa. 
Zopa is a UK-based digital bank and peer to peer (P2P) lender. In 2005, Zopa launched the first ever P2P lending company to give people access to simpler, better-value loans and investments. In 2020, Zopa received a full bank license to offer people more ways to feel good about money. Since 2005, it has lent out over £5 billion to almost half a million borrowers and generated over £250 million in interest for investors on the platform. Zopa’s key business objectives are to identify quality borrowers, offer competitive credit products to them, and provide great customer experience. Technology and machine learning (ML) are at the core of their business, with applications ranging from credit risk modeling to fraud detection and customer service.
In this post, we use Zopa’s fraud detection system for loans to showcase how Amazon

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