This is a guest post co-written by Julian Blau, Data Scientist at xarvio Digital Farming Solutions; BASF Digital Farming GmbH, and Antonio Rodriguez, AI/ML Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS
xarvio Digital Farming Solutions is a brand from BASF Digital Farming GmbH, which is part of BASF Agricultural Solutions division. xarvio Digital Farming Solutions offers precision digital farming products to help farmers optimize crop production. Available globally, xarvio products use machine learning (ML), image recognition technology, and advanced crop and disease models, in combination with data from satellites and weather station devices, to deliver accurate and timely agronomic recommendations to manage the needs of individual fields. xarvio products are tailored to local farming conditions, can monitor growth stages, and recognize diseases and pests. They increase efficiency, save time, reduce risks, and provide higher reliability for planning and decision-making—all while contributing to sustainable agriculture.
We work with different geospatial data, including satellite

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