This post is co-written with Sowmya Manusani, Sr. Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Zendesk
Zendesk is a SaaS company that builds support, sales, and customer engagement software for everyone, with simplicity as the foundation. It thrives on making over 170,000 companies worldwide serve their hundreds of millions of customers efficiently. The Machine Learning team at Zendcaesk is responsible for enhancing Customer Experience teams to achieve their best. By combining the power of data and people, Zendesk delivers intelligent products that make their customers more productive by automating manual work.
Zendesk has been building ML products since 2015, including Answer Bot, Satisfaction Prediction, Content Cues, Suggested Macros, and many more. In the last few years, with the growth in deep learning, especially in NLP, they saw a lot of opportunity to automate workflows and assist agents in supporting their customers with Zendesk solutions. Zendesk currently use TensorFlow and PyTorch to build

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