This is a guest post by Ramzi Alqrainy, Chief Technology Officer, The Chefz.
The Chefz is a Saudi-based online food delivery startup, founded in 2016. At the core of The Chefz’s business model is enabling its customers to order food and sweets from top elite restaurants, bakeries, and chocolate shops. In this post, we explain how The Chefz uses Amazon Personalize filters to apply business rules on recommendations to end-users, increasing revenue by 35%.
Food delivery is a growing industry but at the same time is extremely competitive. The biggest challenge in the industry is maintaining customer loyalty. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s preferences, the ability to provide excellent response time in terms of on-time delivery, and good food quality. These three factors determine the most important metric for The Chefz’s customer satisfaction. The Chefz’s demands fluctuate, especially with spikes in order volumes at lunch and dinner

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