This is a guest post authored by Andrew Masek, Software Engineer at The Barcode Registry and Erik Quisling, CEO of The Barcode Registry.
Product counterfeiting is the single largest criminal enterprise in the world. Growing over 10,000% in the last two decades, sales of counterfeit goods now total $1.7 trillion per year worldwide, which is more than drugs and human trafficking. Although traditional methods of counterfeit prevention like unique barcodes and product verification can be very effective, new machine learning (ML) technologies such as object detection seem very promising. With object detection, you can now snap a picture of a product and know almost instantly if that product is likely to be legitimate or fraudulent.
The Barcode Registry (in conjunction with its partner is a full-service solution that helps customers prevent product fraud and counterfeiting. It does this by selling unique GS1-registered barcodes, verifying product ownership, and registering users’

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