Synamedia is a leading video technology provider addressing the needs for premium video service providers and direct-to-consumer (D2C) with a comprehensive solution portfolio. Synamedia solutions spread across several pillars such as video networks, TV platforms, advertisement and monetization, and content protection and piracy disruption.
Synamedia partnered with AWS to use artificial intelligence (AI) to develop enhanced video search capabilities for long-form video. This is to assist their customers in searching for videos based on a description of scenes that aren’t described in the metadata of the assets. For example, searching for a video (even within a series) that contained a scene on a boat that isn’t significant enough to be mentioned in the metadata. This enables content discovery driven from real-world objects.
With Amazon Rekognition Video, Synamedia built an AI solution that was able to perform label detection in videos and in images using standard and custom models. This enabled

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