This is a guest post by Jakob Kohl, a Software Developer at the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Süddeutsche Zeitung is one of the leading quality dailies in Germany when it comes to paid subscriptions and unique users. Its website,, reaches more than 15 million monthly unique users as of October 2021.
Thanks to smart speakers and podcasts, the audio industry has experienced a real boom in recent years. At Süddeutsche Zeitung, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make our diverse journalism even more accessible. As pioneers in digital journalism, we want to open up more opportunities for Süddeutsche Zeitung readers to consume articles. We started looking for solutions that could provide high-quality audio narration for our articles. Our ultimate goal was to launch a “listen to the article” feature.
In this post, we share how we optimized our audio narration process with Amazon Polly, a service that turns text into

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