This post is co-authored with Jan Paul Assendorp, Thomas Lietzow, Christopher Masch, Alexander Meinert, Dr. Lars Palzer, Jan Schillemans of SIGNAL IDUNA.
At SIGNAL IDUNA, a large German insurer, we are currently reinventing ourselves with our transformation program VISION2023 to become even more customer oriented. Two aspects are central to this transformation: the reorganization of large parts of the workforce into cross functional and agile teams, and becoming a truly data-driven company. Here, the motto “You build it, you run it” is an important requirement for a cross-functional team that builds a data or machine learning (ML) product. This places tight constraints on how much work team can spend to productionize and run a product.
This post shows how SIGNAL IDUNA tackles this challenge and utilizes the AWS Cloud to enable cross-functional teams to build and operationalize their own ML products. To this end, we first introduce the organizational structure

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