Today, customers can raise support tickets through multiple channels like – web, mobile, chat-bots, emails, or phone calls. When a support ticket is raised by a customer, it is processed and assigned to a category based on the information provided in the ticket. It is then routed to the support group for resolution according to the category of the ticket. It is estimated that a high number of support tickets are usually not routed to the right group due to incorrect ticket categorization. Incorrectly assigned tickets cause delay in overall resolution time, often resulting in severe customer dissatisfaction. It may also have other widespread impacts like financial, operational, or other business repercussions. Hence, ticket classification is an essential task for every organization these days. Although you may classify tickets manually, but it is prone to error, not cost-effective, and does not scale.
AWS Managed Services (AMS) uses Amazon Comprehend custom classifications to categorize

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