Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) is the industry’s leading regional aircraft lessor, serving almost 70 airlines in approximately 45 countries worldwide.
In 2021, NAC turned to AWS to help it use artificial intelligence (AI) to further improve its leasing operations and reduce its reliance on manual labor.
With Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels, NAC built an AI solution that could automatically scan aircraft maintenance records and identify, based on their visual layouts, the specific documents requiring further review. This reduced their reliance on external contractors to do this work, improving speed and saving an estimated EUR200,000 annually in costs.
In this post, we share how NAC uses Amazon Rekognition to streamline their operations.

“Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels has given us superpowers when it comes to improving our aircraft maintenance reviews. We’re both impressed and excited by the opportunities this opens up for our team and the value it can help us

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