This post is co-authored with Hernan Figueroa, Sr. Manager Data Science at Marubeni Power International.
Marubeni Power International Inc (MPII) owns and invests in power business platforms in the Americas. An important vertical for MPII is asset management for renewable energy and energy storage assets, which are critical to reduce the carbon intensity of our power infrastructure. Working with renewable power assets requires predictive and responsive digital solutions, because renewable energy generation and electricity market conditions are continuously changing. MPII is using a machine learning (ML) bid optimization engine to inform upstream decision-making processes in power asset management and trading. This solution helps market analysts design and perform data-driven bidding strategies optimized for power asset profitability.
In this post, you will learn how Marubeni is optimizing market decisions by using the broad set of AWS analytics and ML services, to build a robust and cost-effective Power Bid Optimization solution.

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