Mantium is a global cloud platform provider for building AI applications and managing them at scale. Mantium’s end-to-end development platform enables enterprises and businesses of all sizes to build AI applications and automation faster and easier than what has been traditionally possible. With Mantium, technical and non-technical teams can prototype, develop, test, and deploy AI applications, all with a low-code approach. Through automatic logging, monitoring, and safety features, Mantium also releases software and DevOps engineers from spending their time reinventing the wheel. At a high level, Mantium delivers:

State-of-the-art AI – Experiment and develop with an extensive selection of open-source and private large language models with a simple UI or API.
AI process automation – Easily build AI-driven applications with a growing library of integrations and Mantium’s graphical AI Builder.
Rapid deployment – Shorten the production timeline from months to weeks or even days with one-click

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