This is a guest post authored by Dr. Janhavi Punyarthi, Director of Brand Development at InpharmD.

The intersection of DI and AI: Drug information (DI) refers to the discovery, use, and management of healthcare and medical information. Healthcare providers have many challenges associated with drug information discovery, such as intensive time involvement, lack of accessibility, and accuracy of reliable data. The average clinical query requires a literature search that takes an average of 18.5 hours. In addition, drug information often lies in disparate information silos, behind pay walls and design walls, and quickly becomes stale.
InpharmD is a mobile-based, academic network of drug information centers that combines the power of artificial intelligence and pharmacy intelligence to provide curated, evidence-based responses to clinical inquiries. The goal at InpharmD is to deliver accurate drug information efficiently, so healthcare providers can make informed decisions quickly and provide optimal patient care.
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