This blog post is co-written with Marat Adayev and Dmitrii Evstiukhin from Provectus.
When machine learning (ML) models are deployed into production and employed to drive business decisions, the challenge often lies in the operation and management of multiple models. Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) provides the technical solution to this issue, assisting organizations in managing, monitoring, deploying, and governing their models on a centralized platform.
At-scale, real-time image recognition is a complex technical problem that also requires the implementation of MLOps. By enabling effective management of the ML lifecycle, MLOps can help account for various alterations in data, models, and concepts that the development of real-time image recognition applications is associated with.
One such application is EarthSnap, an AI-powered image recognition application that enables users to identify all types of plants and animals, using the camera on their smartphone. EarthSnap was developed by, a leading online platform for enthusiasts

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