This post is co-written by Christopher Diaz, Sam Kinard, Jaime Hidalgo and Daniel Suarez  from CCC Intelligent Solutions.
In this post, we discuss how CCC Intelligent Solutions (CCC) combined Amazon SageMaker with other AWS services to create a custom solution capable of hosting the types of complex artificial intelligence (AI) models envisioned. CCC is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for the multi-trillion-dollar property and casualty insurance economy powering operations for insurers, repairers, automakers, part suppliers, lenders, and more. CCC cloud technology connects more than 30,000 businesses digitizing mission-critical workflows, commerce, and customer experiences. A trusted leader in AI, Internet of Things (IoT), customer experience, and network and workflow management, CCC delivers innovations that keep people’s lives moving forward when it matters most.
The challenge
CCC processes more than $100 billion claims transactions annually. As the company continues to evolve to integrate AI into its existing and new product catalog, this

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