This post is a guest joint collaboration by Supratim Banerjee of More Retail Limited and Shivaprasad KT and Gaurav H Kankaria of Ganit Inc.
More Retail Ltd. (MRL) is one of India’s top four grocery retailers, with a revenue in the order of several billion dollars. It has a store network of 22 hypermarkets and 624 supermarkets across India, supported by a supply chain of 13 distribution centers, 7 fruits and vegetables collection centers, and 6 staples processing centers.
With such a large network, it’s critical for MRL to deliver the right product quality at the right economic value, while meeting customer demand and keeping operational costs to a minimum. MRL collaborated with Ganit as its AI analytics partner to forecast demand with greater accuracy and build an automated ordering system to overcome the bottlenecks and deficiencies of manual judgment by store managers. MRL used Amazon Forecast to increase their

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