Today, we’re launching the Amazon Lex automated chatbot designer (preview), which reduces the time and effort it takes for customers to design a chatbot by automating the process using existing conversation transcripts. Amazon Lex helps you build, test, and deploy chatbots and virtual assistants on contact center services (such as Amazon Connect), websites, and messaging channels (such as Facebook Messenger). The automated chatbot designer expands the usability of Amazon Lex to the design phase. It uses machine learning (ML) to provide an initial bot design that you can then refine and launch conversational experiences faster. With the automated chatbot designer, Amazon Lex customers and partners get an easy and intuitive way of designing chatbots and can reduce bot design time from weeks to hours.
Conversation design
Organizations are rapidly adopting chatbots to increase self-service and improve customer experience at scale. Contact center chatbots automate common user queries and free up

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