Data classification, extraction, and analysis can be challenging for organizations that deal with volumes of documents. Traditional document processing solutions are manual, expensive, error prone, and difficult to scale. AWS intelligent document processing (IDP), with AI services such as Amazon Textract, allows you to take advantage of industry-leading machine learning (ML) technology to quickly and accurately process data from any scanned document or image. Generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) complements Amazon Textract to further automate document processing workflows. Features such as normalizing key fields and summarizing input data support faster cycles for managing document process workflows, while reducing the potential for errors.
Generative AI is driven by large ML models called foundation models (FMs). FMs are transforming the way you can solve traditionally complex document processing workloads. In addition to existing capabilities, businesses need to summarize specific categories of information, including debit and credit data from documents such as financial

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