At the 2021 AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, we demoed Read For Me at the AWS Builders Fair—a website that helps the visually impaired hear documents.

For better quality, view the video here.
Adaptive technology and accessibility features are often expensive, if they’re available at all. Audio books help the visually impaired read. Audio description makes movies accessible. But what do you do when the content isn’t already digitized?
This post focuses on the AWS AI services Amazon Textract and Amazon Polly, which empower those with impaired vision. Read For Me was co-developed by Jack Marchetti, who is visually impaired.
Solution overview
Through an event-driven, serverless architecture and a combination of multiple AI services, we can create natural-sounding audio files in multiple languages from a picture of a document, or any image with text. For example, a letter from the IRS, a holiday card from

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